Module #9

Supporting and Engaging Families Effectively

This module focuses on equipping you to connect and engage with family members families of minors in meaningful ways.  You will learn specific strategies for investing families, as well as promising practices for maintaining long-term engagement and support.  


Understanding the New Vision for Career Development: The Role of Family

This Info Brief discusses the three phases of career development, highlights Individualized Learning Plans as a tool for facilitating the career development process, and examines how families can play a role in supporting career development for their youth. 

Assessing Family-Centered Services

This website provides valuable assessment tools to aid you in gauging the effectiveness and degree of family-centeredness of the services and supports you provide—including strategies for becoming more family-centered. 

How Do I Become Culturally Competent?

Guidance from the American Psychological Association for psychologists and counselors in training.    

Pathway to US Citizenship