Module #8

Supporting Effective Decision Making

This module focuses on equipping you in supporting youth and families in making effective decisions.  You will learn how to assess the level of support a youth and their family may need, as well as practical strategies for ensuring informed choice.  

Materials in this module were excerpted with permission from the NYS PROMISE Case Management Field Guide v.3.


Web-Based Resources

Connecting to a regional Work Incentive Planning and Assistance program can assist a beneficiary in getting additional information regarding how their benefits will be impacted by employment.  Further they can assist in creating scenarios to provide the beneficiary in weighing options.  Often State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies also have independent contractors that can be accessed to provide similar supports.

Individuals struggling with making contingency decisions may need additional supports and/or legal representation to assist them in navigating the obstacles to work.  Toward that end, several resources are available:

  • Reach out to your Legal Services or Legal Aid program for your state or region of the state.See federal Legal Services Corporation website and its “Our Grantees” page,, for a link to the grant-funded program in your state or region of the state.
  • Reach out to your Protection and Advocacy Program for your state (many have the “Disability Rights” in their program name).See National Disability Rights Network website, (see the U.S. map on their home page, under the description, “Find Help in Your State”).

The Ticket to Work Program can assist recipients in mapping a path to work. Their Path to Work web resource can assist the recipient you are working with in determining the phase of return to work they are in and assist them in plotting next steps.