Module #6

How Earnings Impact Medicaid

You can use this toolkit to aid you in understanding and explaining  to youth and their families: how Medicaid is impacted by earning; and that Medicaid will, in most cases, will continue under the 1619(b) work incentive when the monthly SSI payment is not available due to work and earnings.


Social Security’s Red Book – A Guide to Work Incentives

Social Security Program Operations Manual System (POMS) Policies Related to the 1619(b) Medicaid Work Incentive

Social Security’s Spotlight Series

Social Security’s Disability Research Resources

Kaiser Family Foundation Resources

  • Medicaid Financial Eligibility for Seniors and People with Disabilities in 2015 (The Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured, March 2016), (a good, brief summary of the many potential pathways to Medicaid eligibility in the states; and brief summary of how the optional Medicaid Buy-In for working people operates, with a table providing state-by-state information on monthly income limits, resource limits, and monthly income at which premiums begin).  A VR counselor can check with their State Medicaid Agency for any updated information.