Understand how section 301 works for youth, ages 14 to 25 

  • The beneficiary had to be in a vocational rehabilitation (VR) program or other special program before getting the SSI termination notice. 

  • The VR program or special program, in most cases, is one expected to lead to future employment. 

  • In most cases, this means the person is unlikely to need SSI in the future after they complete the VR program or special program. 

  • When section 301 criteria are met, SSI will continue after the termination notice even if the beneficiary does not appeal. 

  • SSI payments can continue until the VR program or special program is completed. 


Special 301 rules for 18 to 21 year old special education students 

  • The young person got an SSI termination notice following a Medical Continuing Disability Review (CDR) or Age 18 Redetermination. 

  • This person continues getting special education services with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). 

  • The special education program does not need to involve any vocational services. 

  • SSI benefits will continue until the special education program ends or until the student turns age 22. 


Section 301 allows SSI to continue while beneficiary is being served by a State VR agency. 

  • Must get services through an Individualized Plan of Employment (IPE). 

  • SSA must decide that these services make it likely that person will not need SSI in the future after program ends. 

  • SSI will continue until the VR-funded plan is completed. 


Always plan to ask SSA or the person hearing an appeal (Hearing Office or ALJ) to consider Section 301. 

  • Section 301 is often overlooked. 

  • Many staff at SSA offices will not be familiar with Section 301. 

  • Many Hearing Officers or ALJs will not be familiar with Section 301. 

  • Let them know that Section 301 is covered in SSA’s policy manual.